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About us

Esamber dedicates to thorough research of thermal process, focus on the industries of SMT Reflow、Wave、Selective Wave、Vacuum vapor phase soldering、Semi-Conductor、Solar Tech etc. , serves the intelligent temperature test technology、thermal process monitor and optimization technology、circuit malfunction analysis technology、surface treatment technology. Esamber provides wide SMT clients and oven vendor with Soldering Process Testing Equipment, Oven Equipment Performance Detecting、Calibrating Equipment, Short Issue Solution, Soldering Process Consulting、Service, Oven Equipment Service Analysis、Certification; Base on the advance technology、 abundant experience、comprehensive equipment, to help SMT industries achieve soldering process zero defects completely.

Products and services

  1. Conveyor Bending Profiler:Test track deformation、vibration、Ramp Angle etc. 
  2. Reflow Exporer:Test thermal uniformity,thermal convection,peak temperature CPK etc equipment performance.Apply to old equipment improvement,new equipment evaluation etc.
  3. Wave Explorer:Test preheat uniformity,dipping time etc.Apply to replacing the profile board etc.
  4. Real Time Monitoring System:Real-time monitoring reflow oven status and measuring temperature profile for each PCBA.
  5. PCB/PCBA Short Detector:Fast locate the accurate short location to a component without any damage.
  6. Selective Wave Explorer:Test and calibrate flux spray capability;X,Y,Z triple-axis precision; and tin temperature,dipping time etc overall solution.
  7. Reflow Profile Dummy Vehicle:Replace traditional way of temperature test. And monitor the equipment performance.
  8. Temperature Profiler:4-32 channels. Ultra-narrow type for cellphone board application,Professional Profile Test for vacuum vapor phase oven, solar power sinter oven, and Vertical Oven etc.
PCB/PCBA Short Detector

PCB/PCBA Short Detector

PCB/PCBA Short Detector:
Locate the accurate short location to a component by adopting no damage, no hurt method, apply to PCB short, soldering short, Component short etc. Application Situation: high valuable products and components,high reliability requirement, multi-layers PCBA or PCB, big trouble on man power input on short issue,etc.

Real Time Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring System

RTB24x7 specializes in real-time monitoring the working status of reflow oven and real-time measuring temperature profile for each PCBA. At the same time, Esamber RTB24x7 still can real-time monitor conveyor speed of reflow oven, the equipment capability of reflow oven, the vibration of the oven track, the rotation speed of the oven fans, the oxygen concentration of reflow oven,etc.

Professional Profile Test for Vertical Oven

Professional Profile Test for Vertical Oven

Specialized in solving profile test problem for vertical oven, to solve the insufficient space issue、stucked or thermocouple broken issue cauesed by regular Profiler, and accuracy issue in full loading test caused by big thermal capacity of regular thermal barrier.


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