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Plausibility Check

This is a very innovative and excellent software feature for Industry 4.0

When the counting algorithm is reached, several factors are examined in the plausibility check: Is approximately the same number of building parts in each sector? Do all building parts in the reel have approximately the same size? Are they approximately at the same distance?

This is evaluated in a stoplight mode (green, yellow and orange) and provides an overview of the counting exactness of the result. If the results are marked up in yellow or orange, the operator decides through a visual check whether the counting of the components was performed correctly. If required, he corrects the result or repeats the process. The threshold values of the stoplight function can be determined by the customer according to their own needs or exactness requirements.

The plausibility check is the prerequisite for the integration of the OC-SCAN®CCX in a full-automatic storage system without manual operation.

Exhibitor: optical control GmbH & Co. KG

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