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Pinpoint Accuracy - Innovative Valve Technology with „QuickFix“ Nozzle Unit Boosts Performance of Solder Paste Dispensing Applications

VERMES Microdispensing introduces the new MDFH-48-CH-TA (Micro Dispensing Fluid Box Heater) that provides excellent results for high and highest viscous media, especially in automated solder paste applications.

In the course of continuing miniaturization, high-performance microdispensing systems that are capable of dispensing ever smaller amounts of media in a quick, accurate and contactless way are gaining more and importance. VERMES Microdispensing has been producing innovative, piezo-based microdispensing jetters for dispensing even critical media such as solder paste in a repeatable way for years.

The VERMES MDS 3000 series is known for setting standards in precision, reproducibility and processing of a wide range of media.

By combining the MDS 3250+ system with the new fluid box heater MDFH-48-CH-TA VERMES Microdispensing has developed a further technical improvement that allows for process-safe, minimal solder paste quantities in a reliable and resource-saving way meeting most demanding customer requirements.

Exhibitor: VERMES Microdispensing

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